The versatility of a motorhome means it can be used for a variety of business and community services.



Services 1.  Gala / Promotional Event / Stall


Magnetic signs can be displayed on the cab section to tie in with your business brand / logo, or theme of the event. For example;


1. Health promotion projects (change for life logo)


2. A particular theme - Employment / learning opportunities etc


3. Branded to promote a particular product launch


4. Information display (community engagement project)


5. Staff welfare / can cover sports event / use social media live onsite to promote your

    event / interact with spectators and the public.


Services 2.  Meeting space consultancy services
1.  Can be used remotely to access communities for 1-2-1 surgeries (councillors / benefits 
    and money advice, business and employment support, & health advice.
2. Host meetings onsite where facilities don't exist.
3. Can provide an information space ( as part of a community engagement project) e.g 
   major infrastructure work / coastal defence / environments work.
4. See for information relating to the services offered
    by FunMeFit in addition to the motorhome.
5. Public Health consultancy service. Recently worked with Leeds CIty Council and Living
    Streets on an active travel and social rewards project in the community.
6. Community development / engagement service. Available to work on long / short
    contracts from the van to support CSR activites or social projects.



Services 3. Onboard facilities


1. Internet connectivity (signal permitting)


2. Multiple devices can access a 3g internet connection.


3. PA System to relay event / promotional information or music.


4. Can produce tailored mugs / mats and seat throws with your logos / brand.


5. 240 v power can be provided on request.


6. Full public liability insurance for public access around / in the vehicle.